President Thrasher tells committee to hurry up

FSU President John Thrasher came to the renaming committee meeting Feb 2 and said he wants the group to prioritize recommendations on renaming BK Roberts Hall and the Frances Eppes building/statue, and save recommendations on other campus buildings for later.  FSU's lawyer also pointed out that since the legislature originally named the building for BK Roberts, only the legislature could change or remove the name.

I spoke to the committee and with my allotted 3-minutes stressed Roberts' segregationist past and his repeated failure to follow the orders of a higher court in defense of segregation made his name inappropriate for any public building, especially a hall of learning where students are taught how to be ethical attorneys.  I also mentioned that almost 90% of those who signed the on-line petition said Roberts name on the building made them less likely to make a donation to the law school.  Tallahassee Barristers President Matt Williams (Class of '13) also spoke in favor of renaming the building.