Renaming principles adopted, decision promised soon

The FSU committee considering the renaming of BK Roberts Hall at its April 27 meeting adopted several principles to be used in considering whether or not the building should be renamed.  The committee announced it will make its final decision May 4 after applying the principles to the question of renaming BK Roberts Hall.

Among the principles adopted include whether a prominent legacy of the namesake is fundamentally at odds with the current values or mission of FSU, and whether the recognition of the namesake is having a significant adverse impact on the current local or university community.  The committee also identified the following options for the buildings and statues being reviewed: renaming, relocating, removing, contextualizing, retiring, modification (such as covering), adding additional information, and doing nothing.

Once the committee makes its final recommendations, the issue will move to FSU President John Thrasher who can accept or reject the committee's recommendation.  Since BK Roberts Hall was named by the Florida legislature, the final decision on renaming the building rests with it.